Aleksandar Vulin said that Serbia would not join the NATO

Aleksandar Vulin said that Serbia would not join the NATO 

Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin

He said on Saturday that Serbia would not join the NATO intergovernmental military partnership regardless of whether it would be the last European nation to stay outside of the association. 

On Saturday, Vulin will partake in a universal meeting honoring the 20-year commemoration of a NATO besieging effort of previous Yugoslavia (presently Serbia and Montenegro) propelled on March 24, 1999, amid which a large number of individuals were killed. 

"Serbia has stayed unbiased as far as its military [alliances]. We won't join NATO, regardless of whether we will remain the last nation in Europe to be outside the coalition," the resistance serve said. 

He included that Serbia joining NATO was particularly not feasible while Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic was in power. 

"We have settled on this choice since we were besieged [then], but since we could never need to accomplish something to that effect [bombing] to other individuals dependent on another person's direction. 

Serbia has been free, to stay unbiased," the protection serve underlined. 

In 1999, the outfitted showdown between the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), an ethnic-Albanian volunteer army, which had upheld Kosovo's freedom since the 1990s, and the Serbian armed force and police prompted NATO airstrikes against what was previous Yugoslavia. NATO's activities started on March 24, 1999, and finished on June 10. The Serbian government appraises that around 2,500 individuals, including 89 kids, were executed amid the US-drove shelling effort. 

The military task was directed without the endorsement of the UN Security Council and based on the Western nations' charges that the Yugoslavian government had completed ethnic purging in Kosovo against Albanians. It remains a dubious subject between Albanians, who see NATO's obstruction as a defensive measure, and Serbs, who denounce the activity for executing regular folks in the airstrikes.