Cleric wounded amid mass at Canada's greatest church in the midst of live stream

Cleric wounded amid mass at Canada's greatest church in the midst of live stream 

A cleric was wounded amid a livestreamed morning mass Friday at Canada's greatest church, Saint Joseph's Oratory in Montreal, police said. 

The suspect was captured at the Roman Catholic basilica soon after the assault before 50 individuals and a TV group of onlookers around 8:40 am (1240 GMT), while cleric Claude Grou was taken to medical clinic. 

Police disclosed to AFP that Grou was "somewhat injured in the chest area" when, as per witnesses refered to by specialists, "the suspect abruptly kept running up to the minister and assaulted him with a blade" while he was directing the mass. 

The suspect was expected to be cross examined in a matter of seconds, while the scene has been cordoned off. 

Church representative Celine Barbeau said Grou, the congregation's minister, "was cognizant when he left. We are confident he will pull through." 

Video of the assault rebroadcast by CTV demonstrated the aggressor - a tall man in pants, a parka and a white baseball top - pursue the cleric around the raised area and cut him. 

Grou tumbles to the ground, however rapidly gets back up and steps back as security officers encompass the suspect and keep him until police arrive. 

An observer, Adele Plamondon, told open telecaster Radio-Canada the minister was going to begin perusing the gospel, when "this man drew a blade and kept running up to cut him." 

The suspect "did not yell, didn't utter a word" amid the strike, yet seemed "exceptionally decided," Plamondon said.