A great many individuals challenge Honduran capital for the acquiescence of President

A great many individuals challenge Honduran capital for the acquiescence of President 

Tegucigalpa, Honduran

Thousands of individuals walked through the roads of the Honduran capital Friday night requesting the abdication of President Juan Orlando Hernandez and an examination of him and his family. 

The nonconformists, from the purported Movimiento Indignados (Indignant Movement) and numbering around 5,000 as indicated by journalists, yelled "get out J.O.H.," as they walked to the open investigator's office. 

"We request the quick expulsion of Juan Orlando Hernandez from the post he is as of now usurping, just as a pressing examination of him and his family circle and political partners," the development said in an announcement. 

It affirmed Hernandez has connections to individuals blamed for defilement and medication dealing, including his sibling Antonio Hernandez, a previous legislator who was captured in Miami, Florida on November 23 and is blamed for "huge scale tranquilize dealing." 

President Hernandez has said he was stunned by his sibling's capture however that no one was exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else. 

The resistance says Hernandez, a traditionalist upheld by the United States, was misguidedly re-chose in a November 2017 vote defaced by postponements and claimed extortion. 

The "indignados" have made an arrival to the roads after their 2015 showings against Hernandez, who was blamed for wrongfully utilizing government cash for the 2013 presidential race that he won. 

Hernandez conceded his preservationist administering National Party had acknowledged $94,000 that had been misused from government managed savings reserves however said the assets had been utilized without his insight. 

The resistance anyway charged that more than $300 million was skimmed from the neediness stricken nation's general wellbeing framework. 

Honduras is tormented by endemic defilement and posses that control sedate dealing and composed wrongdoing. 

This wonder has made a rush of illicit movement the United States, strikingly by minors fear's identity constrained into group enlistment.